This database contains currently 22,880 complete modern and ancient published mitochondrial genomes from the 1000 Genome Project and other published sources with the aim of continuous expansion (see all publications here).


The database can be accessed via mitoBench.


In addition to the accession id and the actual sequence, the database contains 72 attributes describing the data such as geographic location, sequencing technologies, and sequence quality information. A complete list describing each attribute in detail including examples can be found here.


This tool validates the data intended to be uploaded to the database. See DataValidator for more details.


DataCompleter is calculating several attributes automatically, such as numbers of Ns in the sequence. Moreover, it completes geographic information. For example, if latitude and longitude of the sampling location is given, it determines the city, country, region, and continent. For more information, see DataCompleter.


DataValidator and DataCompleter can also called directly within mitoBench.

Future plans:

The user will be able to upload own data to the database via mitoBench. We will provide a template where the data can be filled in (Download template) and imported into mitoBench.