The datatable shows all data that are load into mitoBench.

Column order

The first three columns sho the ID, Haplogroup, and Population. All other columns are sorted alphabetically. The column order can be changed via Table –> Define Column order.

Manipulating columns

Deleting / Adding columns

It is possible to add and delete columns to the table by right-clicking on the table.

Replacing column content

Values for new created or existing columns can be changed by right-clicking on the table as well. If multiple rows are selected, the value will be set for all selected entries.

Copy/Delete column

Needless columns can be removed from the table. Moreover, single columns also can be copied.

Use selected rows

> Table -> Use selection

In case you want to reduce your dataset further, select the data you need in the data table and use the Get selected rows option to use only this data selection for all further analyses. The unselected data will not be saved.

Clear table

> Table -> Clear table

This removes all data from the data table.