Haplogroup based filtering

> Edit -> Filter data … -> … based on PhyloTree

To filter out haplogroups that you don’t want to include into your analysis, the haplogroup based filtering provides two different ways:

1. The tree-based filtering offers the possibility to select one or multiple Haplogroups via a tree representation of the current version of PhyloTree.

2. Instead of selecting Haplogroups in the tree, you can also enter a comma-separated list of Haplogroups in the text field below the tree representation.



The last filtering step can be redone via Table -> Reset table.

Haplotype-based filtering

> Edit -> Filter data … -> … haplotype filtering

Another way to filter data is the haplotype-based filtering. You can enter one or multiple Haplotypes (as a comma-separated list). This filters out all samples that do not have this haplotype.

You can also specify a distance value d. This will include all Haplotypes with the distance d to the specified ones.